SmartMat Optiplus Mouse Mat


The SmartMat Optiplus Mouse Mat is a low-cost paper laminated mouse mat providing razor-sharp print and bright, colourful images. As with all mats of similar construction, the SmartMat OptiPlus is not as durable as the best selling HardTop mat but is recommended for budget-sensitive promotions. The SmartMat OptiPlus does however offer better optical performance and is more durable than any other paper laminated mat.

Product Sizes: Rectangle 200mm x 235mm, Square 200mm x 200mm, Oval 200mm x 235mm, Circle 200mm diameter, House 230mm x 195mm, Heart 200mm x 235mm, Phone 233mm x 185mm, T-Shirt 220mm x 200mm, Truck 200mm x 210mm, Hexagon 230mm x 200mm, Laptop 200mm x 235mm, Pillow 200mm x 235mm

Lead-Time: 14 days from receipt of the approval of artwork

Max. Number of Print Colours: Four colour process print only

£1.81 ea.£1.29 ea.£0.99 ea.£0.99 ea.
Price includes a full-colour print. Origination and carriage are extra